Manesh Girn, PhD.

I’m a postdoctoral neuroscientist working at the University California San Francisco (UCSF), where I investigate the brain mechanisms underlying the psychedelic experience and the transformative effects of psychedelic therapy on mental health and well-being.

At UCSF, I work alongside world-renowned psychedelic research pioneer, Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, and collaborate closely with a variety of other international leaders in psychedelic science.

I completed my PhD in Neuroscience at McGill University, working in the Montreal Neurological Institute, where my PhD dissertation focused on the so-called ‘default-mode network’ and how it relates to various complex cognitive abilities.

As a lead or co-author, I have published over two dozen peer-reviewed scientific publications on topics spanning psychedelics, meditation, mental health, brain networks such as the default-mode network, and complex cognition.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I also serve as the Chief Research Officer at EntheoTech Bioscience, a pioneering Canadian company in the psychedelic bioscience industry.

My passion for promoting scientific literacy has led me to run The Psychedelic Scientist, an Instagram page and YouTube channel dedicated to sharing the latest insights and breakthroughs in psychedelic science in a layperson-accessible way.

With my expertise and passionate interest in psychedelics, neuroscience, and mental health, I’m excited to continue to contribute to the frontier of our scientific understanding, as well as educate the general public and apply my knowledge towards concrete clinical applications. Overall, my work is aimed at further unlocking and disseminating the potential of psychedelics and related therapeutic modalities for healing, personal transformation, and the betterment of humanity.

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